Why I Am Leaving
| painting
at: Architecture for the Poor
media: acrylic on canvas
year: 2020
size: 76.0 cm × 76.0 cm (unframed)

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein declared in 2009, “I’m doing God’s work”, a mere synonym for the destructiveness of his predatory finance mob. For one of his employees this leitmotif became slightly problematic after “just” twelve years at the “Greed is Good” gang. Greg Smith left the company with a cardboard box full of resentment regarding the “Too big to Fail” crime syndicate. Here, Goldman Sachs’s logo refers to a tilted Enron-esque shape, tipping over. While for Malevich the Black Square was of spiritual significance, its positioning high in the corner is a sacred spot, a place where the hawk-like CEO’s often nest. Up there in their boardrooms behind glass tiled facades, they’re shielded from reality and social responsibility.

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updated: Berlin, 30 March 2024
© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin,
31 March 2024