| painting
at: Architecture for the Poor
media: oil paint, acrylic on canvas
year: 2024
size: 82.0 cm × 62.0 cm (framed)

The film Metropolitan provides a satirical exploration of the “Urban Haute Bourgeoisie” (U.H.B.), an upper socio-economic class preoccupied with status within the city landscape. This depiction resonates with Henri Lefebvre’s theory in the book The Production of Space, where he examines how social relations, including class distinctions, are shaped by spatial practices. Lefebvre’s concept emphasises that space is not merely a backdrop but a dynamic, socially produced entity influenced by power dynamics. Intriguingly, the aesthetic representation of philosophical books (like The Production of Space) often features Paul Klee’s paintings on the cover, whose abstract works symbolise the intricate, layered nature of philosophical theory (par example Angelus Novus is synonym with Walter Benjamin).

© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin, 23 June 2024
© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin,
23 June 2024