Staggering Souvenir
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at: Studio Stan de Natris
media: risograph print
year: 2016
size: 27.8 cm × 19.7 cm
commision: Countach Studio, Bordeaux

Staggering Souvenir
reveals the love affair between the ‘bubblicious’ happening of the World Expo and the effects of rising housing prices on the merciless housing market in Dubai. The World Expo is in a way rooted in superstition – it’s a compulsive ritual – to prove the wealth and architectural power of a nation to the others. Enforcing the superstitious ‘show off’ mentality of the elite on a global scale, and ‘unwelcoming’ the foreign worker on the Emirate streets.

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updated: Berlin, 30 March 2024

© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin,
31 March 2024