Resign Subject
| poster
at: Architecture for the Poor
media: Print
year: 2023
size: 100.0 cm × 70.0 cm
paper: Blue Back 115 g/m²

In Matt Mullican’s visual world – influenced by Roland Barthes’s semiology – the artist weaves symbols of identity with a “SUBJECT” together. Per contra, the “SIGN” is central, visually and linguistically, inviting viewers to decypher other word combinations. Aligning with Barthes, Mullican integrates language and symbols in a playful, but structured manner. This poster reacts on the housing market, where signing becomes a semiotic gesture, encoding meanings in legal frameworks, illustrating semiotics’ pervasive role in daily life through a linguistic riddle.

© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin, 23 June 2024
© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin,
23 June 2024