Bhesky’s Uninvited Oeuvre
| foldable poster
at: Architecture for the Poor
media: offset print
year: 2020
size: 68.0 cm × 47.0 cm
paper: Meta Gloss 100 g/m²

The fictional character CJ Bhesky is the CEO of a global disruptive company, operating via an online platform hosting rental apartments, houses, rooms and spaces. His incentive is profit driven, snatching in his run downhill everything he can get. The consequences of his actions are slowly becoming visible in the street. Whole areas previously known for their vibrant multicultural city life have become homogeneous tourist traps, with singular economic activity.

© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin, 30 March 2024

© 2014–2024
updated: Berlin,
31 March 2024